This changelog lists changes in previous releases of GeOrg and in the release currently under development. As we continue development for a given release you’ll see features appear in the list as soon as they are implemented. For future releases there’s just a rough outline of what’s planned.
(updated Oct 27th 2014).

Long term planned features

Features and improvements:

  • Support for official GC-API
  • Filters and filtered actions
  • Custom Map extensions
  • Customizable Target Frame
  • Bluetooth GPS directly from within GeOrg

Version 1.2.x (major release, soon)

  • Support for additional log-types
  • Finding a cache stops navigation to it.
  • Fix for importing caches containing illegal characters.
  • Better support for tapping the navigation-frame for cache-details
  • Fix for Char2Number-Solver: Characters outside the alphabet now translate to ‘?’
  • … something more …
  • Version (bugfix release, 13/10/14)

  • GeOrg erroneously offered to open some URLs.
  • To decrease the number of OutOfMemory-Errors reported, the number of spoilers displayed within a cache has been limited (configureable inside the import-options)
  • Version (bugfix release, 12/10/14)

    • Spoilers are now clickable and will open in 3rd-party tools for zooming and image-manipulation.
    • Support for new waypoint-types “physical/virtual stage”. Future new waypoint-types can be imported even GeOrg doesn’t recognize the type.
    • Fixed “Navigation with Google Navigation”. Downside: Target name is not displayed within Google Navigation anymore.
    • Some fixes to make gps-information more consistent. (no annoying “activating/active”-flickering anymore)
    • Fixed long description in cache-details from being sized to large.
    • Fixed long clicks in lists from triggering the short-click-function as well.
    • New option to load spoilers via connector only when wifi present.
    • Support for Giga Event and Groundspeak Block Party waypoint types.

    Version (minor release, 25/04/13)

    • Fix for Mapsforge-maps not being displayed

    Version (minor release, 24/04/13)

    • Supports Mapsforge-Themes
    • Bugfix for crash when opening caches in browser obtained by GC-API-Connector
    • Connector is notified when GeOrg is in fore-/background to improve performance
    • Faster GPS-shutdown when GeOrg gets backgrounded
    • Fixed opencaching-connector GPX-download and -import
    • Add-WP-context-menu-option-lists “show cache”-text fixed
    • Screensavers wasn’t deactivated in “partial”-mode on Mapsforge-Maps. Now it is.
    • Removed support for discontinued Osmarender map. Added Transport- and MapquestOpen-map
    • Pressing BACK didn’t close bubble-popups on Mapsforge-Maps. Now does.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented importing GPX into selected CacheDBs
    • Having entered illegal characters at the “Create DB”-dialog doesn’t close it anymore.
    • Bugfix when cancelling “Create DB”-dialog
    • Crashfix for cases when calculating car navigation takes a bit longer
    • GeOrg-process would respawn (idle!), even if killed or exited

    Version (minor release, 03/04/13)

    • Support for Mapsforge-Maps
    • Cache-Page remembers last fontsize set
    • Automatically determining name for offlinemap
    • Reworked Location-Code to be more consistent and avoid error with android 4.1.2
    • Reworked attachment-import, hopefully finally fixed now
    • When routing-calculation fails, don’t automatically switch to offroad, but ask the user instead
    • Small changes to accomodate new connector
    • Bugfix for writing field notes on connector-read caches
    • Bugfix when reading some inconsistent connector-data
    • Bugfix when handling different map-projections
    • Bugfix when reading spoilers with certain characters in their names
    • Bugfix for api-change in car-navigation
    • Bugfix for reading sat-data on Galaxy Nexus
    • Bugfix at Setting Page in connection with upcoming BT-support
    • Bugfix at the crash-dialog
    • Bugfix for theme-errors at the safety-check-dialog
    • Bugfix for Timezone at the SunMoon-Solver
    • Resetting Sat-Statistics when switching providers in preparation of upcoming BT-support
    • Fixed bug when changing or selecting target at Compass Page
    • Fixed double Connector-requests for cachedetails
    • Fixed text flashing when touching menu in night-theme
    • Bugfix when restoring the last position
    • Bugfix terrain map
    • Bugfix for importing waypoints containing spaces
    • Fixed a compatibility-issue in conjunction with the gc-api-connector

    Version (minor release, 04/09/12)

    • The state (scrollposition, content shown) of the last 5 listings you viewed are now remembered by GeOrg and restored when you next open them.
    • The theme is displayed correctly at the settings pages on devices from all manufacturers
    • Fixed crash with Android 4.0 concerning external databases.
    • Fixed crash with newer android-versions because incompatible API-change for gathering sat-information.
    • Fixed a problem with automatic Day/Night-Theme-Change.
    • Fixed some wrong attribute-tooltips.
    • Support for new groundspeak-attributes
    • Removed spelling-correction for cachenames

    Version (bugfix release, 04/25/11)

    • Fixes a crash that prevents you from entering GeOrg.
    • Fixes a bug with the auto-theme-selector which would not correctly consider DST.
    • Pressing “Back” closes Bubbles on the map
    • Fixed some translational errors
    • Enabled the Night-Theme in the Settings for some Manufacturers, who still don’t get it.

    Version (bugfix release, 03/21/11)

    • Some rare bugs gathered from your bugreports and the market bugreporting system
    • Fixed crash when importing GPX from mail-attachment and mail-app needs special permissions for access.
    • Added a bunch of new mail-permissions for different mail-apps to be able to read GPX-attachments when switching to GeOrg for GPX-import from within these apps.
    • Field Notes are now ordered latest first.

    Version (bugfix release, 02/27/11)

    • Fixed FC when importing ZIP from attachment to CacheDB which already contained caches

    Version 1.1.9 (release, 02/27/11)


    • Internationalization – german version
    • Internationalization – choose language independently from system language
    • Solver: ASCII (as part of the “Char to Number”-Solver)
    • Navigation by 3rd-party app (e.g. Navigon)
    • Support for Locus-SQLite-Maps


    • Fixed a rare bug where GeOrg would not start up anymore due to inconsistencies with current CacheDB.
    • Fixed layout of CacheDB on devices with hires-screens
    • Fixed constant-map-redraw-bug on devices with hires-screens.
    • Inactive categories in cachelistings are now hidden by default.
    • Leaving the map while navigating to an Add.WP, deleting the CacheDB and returning to the map no longer makes GeOrg crash.
    • Fixed running out of memory when reading large zipped AndNav Tilepacks
    • Hyphens are now accepted in GC-Codes.
    • Safety check dialog was missing when importing caches from zipped-email-attachments into a CacheDB which already contained content
    • Logging via connector was not handling newlines correctly, now it does.
    • Fixed a deadlock where GeOrg would not recover from a corrupt CacheDB anymore
    • Tons of smaller bugfixes, for problems you reported or that I ran into when translating the software.