After the hunt

When you’ve found a cache you can either only mark it as found (or unfound, if you didn’t find it) or you can write a Field Note, which will not only mark the cache appropriately, but also create a Field Note. Field Notes are visible on the Field Note-Page (you may have to scroll the Main-Page to reach it) and chronologically reflect your Finds/DNFs. You can also later export these Field Notes for import at

When you’ve marked a cache as Found/DNF (either directly or via Field Note), GeOrg will always display the smiley/found-icon instead of the cachetype-icon in the map or a CacheDB. You can also filter for this “Found-State” in the CacheDB or on the Map

Also from within the Cache-Detail-Page you can directly jump to the Log-page on This option is reached by pressing the MENU-key and then selection “Actions” / “Log at”. This takes you to the browser opening the Log-page. You might need to login to before being able to log, though.

This page marks the end of our HowTo-mini-series. We hope you got an impression about how to use GeOrg and that you’ll find lots of geocaches with it!