Changelog (old entries)

Version (bugfix release, 11/23/2010)


  • Bugfix for 1.5 devices not able to enter the settings

Version (bugfix release, 11/14/2010)


  • Find Nearby: Touching a cache existing in the current CacheDB leads to the cachelisting now.
  • Waypoint projection: Introduced yard as a distance-unit.
  • Waypoint projection: Dialog displays information about the origin of the projection.


  • Offline-Map: Better support for Linux- and Mac-created Zips
  • Offline-Map: Support for Zip64 (e.g. tilepacks > 65k tiles)
  • Field Notes: Logging via connector and having an existing Field Note for the same cache would result in illogical dialogs
  • Map: Common waypoints were not displayed when exceeding the supported connector-zoom-level
  • Map: When using “Show only selected add.WPs”, waypoints of a cache the user navigated to were only shown if that cache was selected.
  • Cachelistings: Coordinates in cachelistings are now also detected and converted into links when containing commas between the parts of the coordinate
  • Cachelistings: Inserted a mechanism to stop GeOrg if an inconsistent data-constellation is encountered.
  • CacheDB: Coordinates in cachelistings are now also detected and converted into links when containing commas between the parts of the coordinate
  • CacheDB: Fixed a crash that could occur intermittently when moving from a filtered CacheDB to a cachelisting.
  • CacheDB: Fixed a crash that could occur intermittently in conjunction with attributes displayed in a cachelisting
  • CacheDB: Added safety-check-dialog when adding caches from attachments.
  • Find Nearby: Fixed a crash that could occur when creating waypoints before displaying the cache-information.
  • CacheDB: Sometimes import from attached GPX wouldn’t work because of an unexpected mime-type
  • Main: Importing or exporting CacheDBs over existing data could lead to an inconsistent in-memory -CacheDB-state.
  • Compass: Now detecting if the compass is not working on the current device. Setting in place to change the compass-mode. (Triggered by reports of incorrect compass-behaviour on Sony Ericsson devices)
  • Settings: Settings-subpages in day-theme unreadable even under Froyo on Samsung devices apparently due to Samsung’s inability to correctly merge new android releases back into their own theme. So, now, if Manufacturer == Samsung ==> Force Night Theme in Settings. Ugly 🙁
  • GCVote: Now GeOrg uses either GC-Code or GUID for GCVote requests. Specifically, this fixes a situation where GCTour-based caches could not display their GCVote-rating.
  • Map: Adding additional waypoints to a cache would not immediately show them on the map in some situations.
  • Map: Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting certain directories as offline-maps.

Version 1.1.8 (release, 09/26/2010)


  • Solvers: Caesar solver now has a decryption preview
  • Solvers: New Solver “Characters to numbers” (A=1, B=2, …) with reversal and sum-calculation
  • Solvers: New Solver “Digit-Sum” (99 => 18 => 9)
  • Solvers: New Solver “Number Systems” converts decimal numbers to other bases ranging from Binary to Base-36
  • Solvers: New Solver “Playfair-Cypher”
  • Solvers: New Solver UTM conversion”
  • Settings: Backup and restore your full settings to/from SD
  • Settings: Change the sort-order of additional waypoints in cache listings (by: name/original order/distance)
  • Connector: Support for logging via connectors
  • Connector: Support for Field Note-uploads via connectors
  • Connector: Support for connector-defined commands
  • Connector: Improved error-message-system
  • Connector: Support for downloading spoilers for a given cache
  • Connector: Mechanism for forwarding filter-infos to the connector
  • Connector: Support for additional waypoint-display (for BCaching connector)
  • Connector: Support download of multiple caches (not supported in connector-sample)
  • Connector: Support update (synchronization) of imported cache data (for BCaching connector)
  • Connector: Sample: Improved spoiler download
  • Connector: Support for new GPX-format in GeOrg and
  • Connector: Creating waypoints from connector-data now adds all available information to the waypoint
  • Connector: translated to german
  • Connector: Maximum refresh-frequeny for Find Nearby-Page is now once per 20s (was: once per 40s)
  • Map: Show GC-Vote-rating in bubble on map
  • Map: Ability to use zipped-tilepacks for offline maps
  • Map: Ability to use rmaps/bigplanet tilepacks from Mobile Atlas Creator
  • Map: Target- and Start-Icons now have bubble-actions, too.
  • Waypoints: Auto-naming for common waypoints can be switched on in settings (Formats: “0000”, “0001”,… or (month)/(day)-(hour):(minute))
  • Map: Setting to display only add.WPs of selected caches, see all parking-WPs, all parking+final-WPs or all additional Waypoints.
  • Map: Switch to a less complex target-frame, showing only distance and accuracy for better readability and more space for the map
  • Waypoints: Copy to/Paste from clipboard
  • Routes: Delete all existing routes at once
  • Routes: Can now be imported from GPX-tracks as well as GPX-routes
  • Crashhandler: Now additionally save the name and software version of the device as well as the last Activity and Intent-parameters.
  • Froyo: GeOrg can be installed to SD under Froyo. You still have to choose between internal and external storage for your CacheDBs, though.
  • Performance: Optimized some heavy-used parts of the code
  • Distances in miles/km are now shown with 2 decimals
  • Cachelistings: Coordinates in cachelistings become clickable to immediately create waypoints from text
  • Cachelistings: Spoilers are now optionally also taken from the directory you specified in Settings -> Import – Options -> Source directory. GeOrg expects them there in the subdirectory ./spoilers/
  • Cachelistings: Option to temporarily disable images in cachelistings to increase readability
  • Cachelistings: Support for Groundspeak cache-attributes (including the latest additions)
  • Cachelistings: Logs are now additionally sorted by logid to workaround unexact log-timestamps
  • Cachelistings: Ability to reload the current cache via connector to refresh listing, logs and spoilers (if supported by connector)
  • Cachelistings: New section Field Notes displays your current Field Notes for this cache.
  • Cachelistings: GSAK User-Notes are displayed as part of the cache-description.
  • Navigation: Unified all navigational dialogs
  • Navigation: Navigate by Google Navigation-App
  • Navigation: Choose only navigation-types you want in the settings
  • Coordinate-Dialog: Enlarged the buttons for small displays. Fixed irregular layout when entering hemnispheres.
  • Compass: Added a simple radar view
  • Compass: Switch to a less complex target-frame with only Distance, Accuracy, Altitude and Heading/Bearing for better readability
  • Filedialog: Selected File now marked in bold
  • CacheDB, Waypoints and Find Nearby Page now feature a “cancel search”-button to remove the entered search-test with one touch
  • CacheDB: Search/Filter will be restored after import
  • CacheDB: The warning when doing an import to a non-empty CacheDB now also lists the name of the CacheDB.
  • Find Nearby: Last search radius not reset to 500m/ft anymore
  • Find Nearby: You can now see, if a cache is already in your CacheDB
  • Find Nearby: You can now directly go to the cachelisting from the Find Nearby-Page, if the selected cache is in your CacheDB.
  • Main Page: Added an “End Task”-Action to the Info-Menu, in case you really want to make sure the GeOrg process is exited
  • Field Notes: Configure a default text for Found-Field Notes and Logs
  • Field Notes: When writing a note for a cache with existing notes: Before writing the note, there is the option to edit the existing note(s) or create a new one.
  • Field Notes: When exporting Field Notes to SDcard, you can choose whether to always overwrite the last file or to always create a new file, in the Settings.
  • Field Notes: Field Notes will now be exported in UTF-16, to ensure compatibility with the GSAK macro FieldNotesImportAndLog.gsk.
  • Field Notes: Send Found-Notes to 3rd-party apps like Twidroid or Tweetcaster
  • Field Notes: Will now be exported in UTF-16, to ensure compatibility with the GSAK macro FieldNotesImportAndLog.gsk.
  • Field Notes: List and dialog now also show the GC-Code.


  • If several spoilers had the same name but differed in case, the sample connector would overwrite them on the SD-card. Also there were naming-problems with spoilers of the same name in one cache.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing routes with no existing route available
  • Fixed a bug where you could navigate the coordinate-field in the waypoint-dialog and enter free text.
  • Removed dictionary/content-assist in some textfields where it just didn’t make sense
  • If you only had one CacheDB and that wasn’t selected, the menu-option needed to select it was grayed out.
  • Fling-Gesture on Main-Page wasn’t always recognized correctly with Froyo on Desire.
  • Fixed a bug where the TB-date was displayed incorrectly on some systems.
  • Fixed a bug where the background-color on some devices (manufacturer specific themes) would differ from the standard and cause some invisble gui-elements to become slightly visible :).
  • Froyo fixed the light-theme-Settings-Page bug, so beginning with Android 2.2 the Settings-Page is not forced to the Night-Theme anymore.
  • Fixed a bug, when editing Settings which were already in the write-cache (“unchangable found-count”)
  • Fixed a bug, where the Field Note count could not be changed anymore in the settings after writing the first Field Note
  • Fixed a bug, where the Field Note export would not remember which Field Notes were already exported
  • Fixed a bug, where the proposed waypoint-type would always be “Blue Flag” when entering a waypoint at the CompassPage
  • Fixed a bug, where it was not possible to start a waypoint projection dialog when entering an existing additional waypoint from within a cachelisting.
  • Fixed a bug, where the target waypoint-type was not correctly determined when coming from a waypoint projection dialog.
  • Fixed a bug, where the target of navigation was accidentally changed by entering a new additional waypoint on the map.
  • Astronomical times were not calculated correctly at the days when DST is changed.
  • Downloading caches from Find Nearby would reset filters. Now filters are restores, once a cache is downloaded.
  • Installing GeOrg from scratch and switching to external storage at once could lead to incorrect behaviour.
  • Entering a cache by using the trackball-key does not open the virtual keyboard anymore
  • Several small bugfixes for problems sent in by you :-).

Version (bugfix release, 08/12/2010)


  • Fixes a crash when leaving a cachelisting that was showing invalid spoiler pictures.

Version (bugfix release, 08/07/2010)


  • Fixes some OOM-Issues with Google Maps and large spoiler pictures

Version (minor upgrade, 08/01/2010)


  • Support for Froyo’s “Move to SD-Card”-feature.

Version (bugfix release, 07/07/2010)


  • Fixed a problem with the Date/Time-Dialog in Field Notes and the SunMoon-Solver not being displayed correctly on low-density devices.

Version (bugfix release, 07/01/2010)


  • Problems with Found-Count and changes to settings not being promoted to other pages resolved.
  • Crashes with certain actions while not having selecteded a CacheDB fixed.

Version (bugfix release, 06/10/2010)


  • Settings: Sometimes settings would not be persisted after leaving the SettingsPage, this is currently most notable with the new Found-Count. Workaround: Stop GeOrg with a TaskManager and then go directly to the Settings to change the Found-Count.
  • Field Note Export: Field Note export didn’t take into account your Timezone correctly. Now it does.

Version (minor release, 06/06/2010)

Features and improvements:

  • Field Notes: Write Field Notes instead of “Mark as Found”
  • Field Notes: Import previously written comments into Field Notes
  • Field Notes: Export Field Notes by Date to Groundspeak-compatible file format (on SD-Card ord mail (Android 2.0+ only))
  • Field Notes: Keep an optional Found Counter increasing with every Field Note and included in its text
  • CacheDB: Fast Scroll-Widget enabled
  • Settings: Setting to automatically switch from magnetic compass to gps compass depending on your current speed.
  • Solver: Roman and Morse textfields now offer a “copy to clipboard” context-menu when long-clicking them.
  • Connector: Ability to switch connectors in Map- and Find Nearby-Page.


  • Find Nearby: Fixed a threading problem, where updating the cache-list would lead to problems when accessing entries of the list at the same time.
  • Map: Navigating to an associated waypoint of a Found/DNF cache no longer incorrectly changes the icon of that waypoint.

Version (bugfix release, 05/01/2010)


  • CacheDB: Importing GeoToad-GPX now fixes logids.
  • Map: Show all additional waypoint: Deleting a cache now removes add.wps from map at once.
  • Map: Fixed a crash when trying to display a cache that does no longer a exists.
  • Map: Disabling connectors will not lead to endless Toasts on the map anymore.
  • Map: Fixed a bug where add.WPs from the current CacheDB would still be shown when using a connector.
  • Routes: Long-touching a list-item and selecting an action did not target the right item.
  • Routes: Routes were named incorrectly if the route-points had name-tags in them.
  • Solvers/Roman: The back-button was missing on devices with android 2.0+
  • CacheDetails: Enlarged the Comment-Dialog for HVGA-devices.
  • Global: Support for 10 Years!-Event Caches (mapping them to normal event icons)

Version 1.1.7 (minor release, 04/25/2010)

Features and improvements:

  • Global: Add/Edit/Delete Additional Waypoints
  • Global: Improved Sat-Statusdisplay
  • Global: Menus are now enabled/disabled dynamically to better reflect possible actions
  • Global: Added some performance tweaks
  • Global: Added directional icon next to distances where applicable
  • Global: Added a light theme to improve display-visibility in bright environments (spring has arrived here in Germany).
  • Global: Added an option to let GeOrg auto-switch day/night-theme at sunrise/sunset
  • MapPage: “Create-waypoint-by-touching-map”-mode
  • MapPage: Made the whole Nav-Target-Frame clickable for target details, not just the name
  • CompassPage: Made the whole Nav-Target-Frame clickable for target details, not just the name
  • Detailpage: Speed up for Cachelisting-display
  • Detailpage: Status of GCVote-query visible now
  • Detailpage: Links in cachelistings in night-theme made brighter
  • Solvers: New Solver SunMoon calculates SunRise/-set and other related parameters
  • Solvers: Morse: Resized Buttons for better ergonomy
  • Solvers: Morse/Roman: Long-clicking the Back-Button erases whole text
  • Import: Support for CacheWolf-Nightly-Build GPX-files (log-import)
  • Import: Support for GeoToad: HTML-special characters in cache- and owner-name
  • Routes: Import starts at import-directory as configured in the settings
  • MainPage: Adapted Swipe-Gesture-detection to different display-resolutions
  • MainPage: Left/Right-Arrows on MainPage also scroll the menu in addition to the swipe-gesture
  • MainPage: GeOrg now also catches Google Maps-Links without GC-Code in the URL and offers to create a waypoint.
  • MainPage: Reordered Buttons a bit. Find Nearby-Button is now on second page as long as you don’t have a connector installed.
  • Lists: Several lists now use marquee-scrolling (if the text doesn’t fit the screens width) when you select them with the trackball.


  • CacheDB: In certain circumstances, making a CacheDB unavailable (eg. by mounting external storage to a computer) could result in an inconsitent state that led to crashes.
  • Detailpage: Fixed a bug where GeOrg wouldn’t replace color-attributes in html-listings.

Version (bugfix release, 04/13/2010)

  • When reimporting an existing cache, comments you entered for that cache will not get deleted anymore.

Version (bugfix release, 04/07/2010)

  • Yet another fix (YAF(tm)) to crashproof the import
  • Swithing off the screensaver for compass & map didn’t work for OSM-maps
  • On fast devices (read: N1) the algorithm to determine the selected item on the map didn’t work reliably

Version (bugfix release, 03/31/2010)

  • Another fix to crashproof the import
  • Coord-Dialog accepts latitude >60 (wonder how nobody seems to have ever encountered this)
  • Waypoint-names may now include quotes

Version (bugfix release, 03/24/2010)

  • Fixed two crashes when encountering errors in the Find Nearby Page
  • Fixed a crash when entering the map with active navigation and no active CacheDB
  • Fixed a crash when encountering problems during import.
  • Switched to new GCVote-Server

Version (bugfix release, 02/24/2010)

  • Fixed a crash when returning to list-activites like CacheDB or WaypointDB
  • Fixed a crash when trying to import empty routes
  • Fixed a crash when a wrong cachetype was returned by the

Version (bugfix release, 02/23/2010)

  • Fixed a crash on some devices that could not update their database to 1.1.6

Version 1.1.6 (minor release, 02/23/2010)

Features and improvements:

  • Waypoints: Import Waypoints from GPX.
  • Waypoints: Additional Nav!-Button on waypoint-dialog to make that waypoint the current navigation target
  • CacheDB: GPX-import options (e.g. delete caches not updated for specified number of days)
  • CacheDB: Health-Check feature
  • CacheDB: Option to import all GPX-files in a directory
  • CacheDB: Option to ignore the found-state from the gpx-file for existing caches
  • FindNearbyPage: Ability to filter for Found/Not yet found
  • RoutePage: Ability to import routes from GPX, rename, delete, start routing
  • MapPage: Display static routes (distance to target still offroad!)
  • MapPage: Ability to save street-navigation-routes for later use as static route
  • MapPage: Display additional waypoints on the map
  • MapPage & Compass: Clicking on navigation-target-name jumps to associated cache
  • MapPage: When a click on multiple markers on the map does not yield a unique target marker, display a list of possible markers for further actions.
  • DetailPage: Copy content from cache-descriptions to the clipboard
  • Detailpage: Enter comments for Caches
  • DetailPage: Display placed-date on CacheDetail-Page
  • DetailPage/Settings: Option to show only sections of a listing that have content.
  • Settings: Decreased minimum brightness-value to 10
  • Settings: Select a default directory for starting CacheDB-imports.
  • Solvers: Caesar, Vanity Numbers, Roman Numbers, Morse
  • Global: Coordinates’ color reflect the quality of the location provider.
  • Global: Mark caches as DNF
  • Global: Completely rewrote routing-management to accomodate for new features
  • Global: Support for the
  • Global: Support for the connectors importing spoiler-pics
  • Global: Changing targeted waypoints now changes your navigation target at once


  • Prevent GoogleMaps-192px-Tile bug from FCing GeOrg.
  • Stopped the notorious “Can’t connect to GCVote”-Toast.
  • Fixed a bug on the Find Nearby-Page that lead to sporadic crashes.
  • Fixed a sporadic bug when drawing OSM-Maps
  • Fixed a bug that prevented GeOrg from checking the remaining free storage-memory on some installations.
  • Attachments were only accepted from the GMail-app. Now the default android mail-application is also supported.
  • Fixed a crash when interrupting an import by locking the screen.
  • Fixed a crash with corrupted import-statistics.
  • Fixed the “neverending nearest search”-bug.
  • Fixed a bug when navigating to strange places with the FileDialog.
  • Speed-up for CoordDialog-cursor

Version (bugfix release, 01/25/2009)


  • Stopped the notorious “Can’t connect to GCVote”-Toast
  • Failproofed GCVote-code
  • Fixed GCVote-incompatibility

Version 1.1.5 (minor release, 01/09/2010)

Features and improvements:

  • Deactivated market copy protection.
    Please backup your data to your external storage before updating to 1.1.5:
    (MainPage -> Menu -> CacheDB Actions -> Export to external)
  • WaypointPage: Export Common Waypoints as GPX to SD-Card
  • CacheDB: GPX-Import now reads additional waypoints.
  • MapPage: Speedup for Custom Maps
  • DetailPage: Added section for additional waypoints (currently read-only) and navigation-contextmenu. Full support planned for 1.2.0
  • SettingsPage: Menu-Option to delete the Openstreetmap tile-cache


  • MapPage: Fixed “tile-flickering” in OSM-maps on devices with high resolution displays (read: Droid/Milestone)
  • MapPage: GeOrg- and “no data”-tiles were scaled incorrectly on low- and high-density-screen-devices. Fixed.
  • CacheDB: GC-Tour-Imports threw errors when containing additional waypoints. Fixed.
  • DetailPage: Fixed bug with route still being active when choosing offroad-navigation

Version (bugfix release, 01/07/2010)

  • Fixes a crash when deleting CacheDBs.

Version (bugfix release, 01/05/2010)

  • Fixes a bug with the compass behaving erratically.
  • State of MapPage-Filter is now persistent.

Version (bugfix release, 01/04/2010)

  • Fixes a bug when switching storage.

Version (bugfix release, 01/04/2010)

  • Fixes a bug in the database-migration code that would affect installations with more than one CacheDB.

Version 1.1.4 (minor release, 01/04/2010)

Features and improvements:

  • CacheDB: Speedup for import (1918 caches / 640 travelers from 510s in 1.1.3 to 398s in 1.1.4)
  • CacheDB: Speedup and support for larger CacheDBs – tested with up to 2000 caches per DB
  • CacheDB: Import: Option to ignore errors in import-file and continue
  • CacheDB: Import: Support for GCTour
  • CacheDB: Import: Support for
  • CacheDB: Switch between internal memory and SDCard
  • CacheDB: Optimized distance-calculations
  • MapPage: “Lock to current position” – Button
  • MapPage: A small icon is shown when the connector is working instead of a toast
  • MapPage: Slightly decreased MapPage’s sensitivity for reloading data from connector, selecting caches and detecting panning.
  • MapPage: Options when using source “connector”: Bubble-clicking now offers to open cachedescription for already downloaded caches.
  • MapPage: introduced “no data”-tile, displaying when no data is available from custom map
  • DetailPage: Show current GCVote for the cache.
  • Waypoints: Introduced icons for additional waypoints in preparation for 1.2.0.


  • MainPage: Error creating GeOrg-Directory on SDCard under Android 2.0
  • MapPage: Lock to current Position doesn’t work when first entering navigate on road
  • MapPage: Map sometimes forgets last viewed location
  • MapPage: Return to last position will take you to your current position if you never entered the map before.
  • CacheDB: Crash when importing and no SDCard present
  • CacheDB: Import from Attachment leads to crashes on some devices
  • CacheDB: Import from Attachment leads to crashes when done in landscape orientation
  • CacheDB: Deleting a CacheDB in low memory circumstances can lead to crashes and the need to reinstall the app.
  • CacheDB: Caches from GeoToad can now be opened in browser
  • WaypointDB: Editing a waypoint when filters were active would reset the filters.
  • CompassPage: Sporadic crashes when entering Compass
  • CompassPage: Sporadic missing data when entering Compass and GPS not enabled
  • CompassPage: Crashes when entering Compass in landscape orientation
  • General: Several bugfixes for devices with small screen-size like the HTC Tattoo

Version 1.1.3 (bugfix, 11/16/2009)

  • Find Nearest-option for searching caches on was not working correctly.

Version 1.1.2 (bugfix, 11/15/2009)


  • Show number of displayed items in title of CacheDB and Map
  • MapPage: Navigate to … by compass is now available 😉
  • CacheDB: Search-Field also searches for GC-Code


  • MapPage: Improved MapPage-performance
  • MapPage: Fixed several bugs related to Maps and Routing
  • MapPage: Fixed wrong order of drawing on MapPage
  • MapPage: When no connection to routing-service is available will stick to previous route (if available), instead of switching to off-road
  • CacheDB: Fixed several bugs related to filters in CacheDB
  • CacheDB: “Show on map” breaks “lock to current position”
  • CacheDB: Fixed CacheDB resetting to top position when deleting or marking items as found

Version 1.1.1 (bugfix, 11/09/2009)

  • Android 2.0 compatibility
  • CacheDB-reload minimal reload-delay down to 10s

Version 1.1.0 (release, 11/02/2009)


  • Offline Maps (Tilepacks)
  • Waypoint averaging (experimental)
  • Waypoint projection
  • Street navigation
  • Terrain map (experimental)
  • Find Nearest without connector takes the poor man’s approach to things (opens in browser, clicking on a Google Maps-url inserts data into GeOrg)
  • Highlight geocaches containing travellers in CacheDB-List
  • CacheDB and WaypointDB now remember the last scroll-position and return you there
  • CacheDB is now automatically resorted if sorted by distance and you change position (configurable)
  • First filter (more to come): Filter Founds/Not founds
  • Mark Cache as Found from the CacheDetails-Page
  • Slightly pimped compass
  • Import Zips from SDCard
  • Import Multi-GPX Zips
  • Report after import
  • CacheDetails shows inactive headers so you can see at once that the cache doesn’t have hints, travellers or spoilers


  • Removed some database-leaks
  • Fixed crash occuring in low-memory situations
  • Slightly changed behaviour of the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed problem where travellers were incorrectly displayed in wrong caches
  • Travellers date is now date of GPX, not time of import
  • Layoutproblems in the Find Nearest page
  • Fixed a problem where whitespace was incorrectly removed from cache descriptions
  • Import now isn’t impacted by the screen-saver or pressing Home anymore
  • Reserved SQLite-Names are not allowed as CacheDB-names anymore

Version 1.0.3 (bugfix, 10/11/2009)

  • Bugfix for working with the Connector
  • Fixed crash on Find Nearby Page

Version 1.0.2 (bugfix, 10/06/2009)

  • Fixed bug ocurring when importing attachments

Version 1.0.1 (release, 10/06/2009)


  • First travelbug/coin support
  • Geocoding-support when entering coordinates
  • 1.6-compatible


  • New Setting to decide whether CacheDetailsPage may follow external links
  • W/S-Coordinates were not displayed correctly
  • Improved memory footprint
  • Fixed the rendering of some cache’s long description
  • Fixed some crashes within the map

Version 1.0.0 (release, 09/27/2009)

  • Initial release