On our way to GeOrg v1.1.0

Today finally Donut arrived on our G1 and we just did some tests to check everything is allright. If you have any problems, as always: feel free to contact us.

One word of warning, though:
Donut resets all your CacheDBs, Waypoints and Settings. So if you are on the verge of a geocaching hike, you better have the GPXs prepared or postpone the update.

Other than that we are hard at work here at ranitos to bring you the new version of GeOrg. We’ve had a lot of feedback during the last days and we thank you all for your ideas, opinions and even a complete review, wow! 🙂

While we are crushing the last bugs, throwing in the last features and than move on to beta-test we’d like to share our current changelist for 1.1.0 for you to shorten the time 🙂


  • Offline Maps (Tilepacks)
  • Waypoint averaging (experimental)
  • Waypoint projection
  • Street navigation
  • Terrain map (experimental)
  • Find Nearest without connector takes the poor man’s approach to things (opens geocaching.com in browser, clicking on a Google Maps-url inserts data into GeOrg)
  • Highlight geocaches containing travellers in CacheDB-List
  • CacheDB and WaypointDB now remember the last scroll-position and return you there
  • CacheDB is now automatically resorted if sorted by distance and you change position (configurable)
  • First filter (more to come): Filter Founds/Not founds
  • Mark Cache as Found from the CacheDetails-Page
  • Slightly pimped compass
  • Import Zips from SDCard
  • Import Multi-GPX Zips
  • Report after import
  • CacheDetails shows inactive headers so you can see at once that the cache doesn’t have hints, travellers or spoilers


  • Removed some database-leaks
  • Low-Memory warnings
  • Slightly changed behaviour of the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed problem where travellers where incorrectly displayed in wrong caches
  • Travellers date is now date of GPX, not time of import
  • Layoutproblems in the Find Nearest page
  • Fixed a problem where whitespace was incorrectly removed from cache descriptions
  • Import now isn’t impacted by the screen-saver or pressing Home anymore
  • Reserved SQLite-Names are not allowed as CacheDB-names anymore

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