Market Misery – The Plan

As I wrote earlier this month, we have some problems with GeOrg’s availability in the market due to GeOrg being a copyright protected application. Also there’s still this ominous bug on some devices that can’t cope with applications losing their protected status. This is how we’ll fix this:

With the next release of GeOrg (1.1.4) you will have the option to migrate your CacheDBs to your SDCard (and also to use them from your SDCard). When version 1.1.4 is out, we will wait a few days and then deactivate the copy protection together with version 1.1.5.

Now we recommend saving your data to your SDCard in version 1.1.4 before updating to 1.1.5, because if you run into the copy protection bug, you will have to uninstall and reinstall GeOrg. Trust us, we are very unhappy with this option, but currently there’s no other way to switch off the protection.

Who will run into this bug? There’s no certainty but reports seem to indicate that mainly devices with Android 1.5 seem to be affected.

What do you get when GeOrg is longer copy protected? If you are already using GeOrg, nothing will change. But if you own GeOrg and want to root your device or plan to buy a newer device that Google doesn’t happen to support in the Market (like a lot of german Milestones currently) you will be able to re-download the application in the Market, something you currently can’t.

And – last but not least – a lot of people who currently can’t get GeOrg because they own the wrong (read: not Google-Market-supported) or a rooted device, can get the application at last.

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