GeOrg version 1.1.5

As promised, here is the unprotected version of GeOrg to download from the market on all those routed and unbranded phones. Please backup your data before the update. Here’s (for one last time) why:

There’s a bug in Android that might affect some devices (rumor has it that only some 1.5-devices are affected, but we were not able to find confirmation for that). On these devices deactivation of the copy protection for an application can lead to crashes when starting that application. The only workaround is to uninstall the application and reinstall it fresh from the market.

Our advice: Before updating to 1.1.5 save your data to your external storage (MainPage -> Menu -> CacheDB Actions -> Export to external) with the new external-storage-features in 1.1.4. That way, even if you have to reinstall GeOrg, your CacheDBs and Waypoints are kept on your SDCard.

Other stuff included in this release:

  • You can now export your Waypoints to GPX on your SD-Card. Import feature coming up next 🙂
  • GeOrg reads additional waypoints now and displays them on the CacheDetailsPage. Expect more waypoint-features in 1.2.0
  • Custom Maps are now faster and use less internal memory. Also you can delete your tilecache now from the SettingsPage.
  • Fixed the tile-flickering-issue on high-density devices
  • … and again some smaller bugs were fixed. As usual – all details are listed in the Changelog.

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