A new connector in town: BCaching

A few days ago a new connector for GeOrg has been published in the Android Market. It was written by the owner of www.BCaching.com. With this connector you can access data from your Groundspeak PocketQueries housed at BCaching without importing large gpx-files into GeOrg. Instead, GeOrg displays caches on the Map-Page and within the Find Neaby-Page live from BCaching.

Now, that sounds nearly like what people are doing with the offical Groundspeak iPhone-App all the time. What’s BCaching anyway and is it legal?

First of all, it IS legal. BCaching is operating with Groundspeaks consent. Also, only premium members get to use its features, because you have to define Pocket Queries before getting at any live data at all. That out of the way, this is how it works:

  • First you create an account at www.BCaching.com (it’s free)
  • Then you initially upload one “My Finds” Pocket Query to bcaching.com
  • After that your account is established and you can upload other Pocket Queries. You can also set up your Pocket Queries to be sent directly to your mail-account at BCaching so that BCaching always has the latest information from your Pocket Queries.

You can now access your Pocket Query-data at www.bcaching.com on your computer, from any mobile device via a slim and fast mobile browser-optimized version of the site or – and that’s the news – directly from GeOrg.

Whenever you find a cache you want to do (on the Map-Page or the Find Nearby-Page with the BCaching-Connector configured and enabled), you can choose to download that cache to your CacheDB. If you set up your Pocket Query to automatically update the BCaching-database, you’ll get fresh new information while keeping your CacheDB small and fast.

Also information in the BCaching-database accumulates! You can cover a vast area with Pocket Queries by defining several to run on different days of the week – overcoming the PQ/day-limit and avoiding continually importing all those huge heaps of data.

You can find some more information about BCaching at their site. Expect to see some additional features in GeOrg targeted at the BCaching- and the Opencaching.de-connectors in the future.

Happy caching! 🙂

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