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GeOrg is ready and has just been uploaded to the Android Market. Please find the detailed list of changes and fixes is available in the Changelog. The most relevant changes are:

  • Field Notes:
    The main effort for this release has gone into providing a Field Note-System that not only lets you mark caches as found/dnf, but also tracks the time of the found and saves optional comments, you might want to enter. Later you can export all your Field Notes from a separate menu to your SD-card or as an email-attachment (the latter requiring Android 2.0+) and upload them to Groundspeak to complete your logs.
    A more detailed description of the process will be added to the manual soon.
  • GPS-compass:
    Some of you have asked for switching between the magnetic and the gps-compass. The gps-compass takes its data from the gps-provider. Whenever you are moving, the gps-provider tracks your heading and this is, what is used in the compass. You can configure a threshold speed โ€“ below that speed, the magnetic compass is used, above it, the gps-compass kicks in.

    This feature might make sense for you, if you want to use GeOrg in your car or if you are unsatisfied with the performance of the magnetic compass in your device. Be aware that the gps-compass can only provide useful data when you are moving. If you are standing still (and have configured the threshold to 0 km/h or mph) it wonโ€™t work.

  • Fast scroll CacheDB:
    In bigger CacheDBs, scrolling used to take some time. With the fast scrollbar, you can nearly instantly reach the bottom of your 2K CacheDB.
  • The next release will still be a 1.1.7.x-version and will contain extended connector-support and more solvers. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun with the new release and please contact us if you have any problems or feature requests.

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