Improved speed with Froyo?

Ever since the JIT-compiler in Froyo was announced, I was interested in comparing the speed of Android 2.1 vs 2.2. So before I installed the OTA-update, I measured one of the longest running actions in GeOrg – the GPX import – to compare it with the post-Froyo-import. Some tests have claimed dramatic speed improvements with Froyo, and of course the improvement depends on the type of the test (CPU, graphics, IO,..). So without further ado, here’s what to expect for the GPX import:

Test-case: Zipped Groundspeak PQ (500 caches, 97 add.waypoints, 546 TBs, 3385kB unpacked data), 3 test-runs – averaged time in seconds, GeOrg, HTC Desire:

Operating system Time for import
Android 2.1 26.6s
Android 2.2 21s

To be honest, I expected a bit more, but then again, I already tuned the import a lot to speed it up. In general, from my user-experience, Froyo seems a bit faster to me (maybe only because I expect it to be), but not exceptionally faster.

Happy caching!

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