GeOrg version

This version is mainly fixing bugs and has only a few non-bug-related changes. Please see the Changelog for all the details. The most noteworthy changes are:

  • Zipped Tilepacks: Zip-support has been improved, making it more compatible to several zip-tools. Also now zip64-format is supported to allow for larger maps
  • There were some problems with the compass on Sony Ericsson devices. GeOrg now internally supports two different ways to get orientation data and offers to switch between these two if these problems occur.

  • GCVote-display is now possible in some circumstances where it previously wasn’t (e.g. caches imported from GPX-files created via GCTour)
  • The waypoint projection dialog now shows the origin of the projection and offers yard as distance unit.
  • If you see caches in Find Nearby that are already in your CacheDB you can now directly get to the listing by tapping the entry.

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