GeOrg version 1.1.9

GeOrg 1.1.9 is available on the Android Market. For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at the Changelog. These are the main features in this release:

  • Internationalization:
    GeOrg can now be translated to other languages. 1.1.9 has been translated to german, something that has been requested a lot from our german user-base. Generally GeOrg determines the active language by checking your system-settings. If you do have a phone set to german locale but would like to keep the english version of GeOrg that you got used to, you can switch languages in the Settings.
  • Solver: ASCII:
    The “Char to Number”-Solver now features an ASCII-mode
  • Navigation by 3rd-party apps:
    In the Settings you can activate a new navigation-option, that gets displayed whenever you initiate a navigation. Selecting this option issues a so-called “Intent” to the operating system, signalling that you “intend” to do a navigation ;). Apps subscribe to these “Intents” and offer to take over the task: you get a popup listing the apps that are able to do navigation. Choose your preferred app and that app will be started – hopefully in navigation-mode. We already tested this with the “Navigon Select” app, if you have feedback for other apps that work or don’t work, we’d be interested to hear from you.
  • Support for Locus-SQLite-Maps:
    You can now create offline-maps with the Android app Locus in SQLite-format and then select these maps as offline-maps in GeOrg.
  • Bugfixes:
    A lot of bugs got fixed in this release. For a more detailed list, check the Changelog

Next, I will finish the german translation of this website and try to answer all the emails that kept piling up during development for 1.1.9 before I start with 1.2.0. Happy caching! 🙂

A bug with the Zip-Import from email-attachments has been reported and fixed. GeOrg is now at version

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