It has taken nearly a year for a new version of GeOrg. Sorry I left you waiting so long. Hopefully the next update is coming up quicker. This is what’s in the new release:

  • Support for Mapsforge-Maps. This is pretty straight forward to use. Expect a short tutorial here on the site soon, though. Warning: Larger maps might lead to OutOfMemory-problems on older devices (e.g. full germany map on HTC Desire)
  • Cache-Page remembers last fontsize set
  • Automatically determining name for offlinemap
  • Reworked Location-Code to be more consistent and avoid error with android 4.1.2
  • Reworked attachment-import, hopefully finally fixed now
  • When routing-calculation fails, don’t automatically switch to offroad, but ask the user instead
  • Tons of bugfixes. Read more

I’m currently working on a new connector-sample. In the meantime – there is a 3rd-party connector using the official GC-API available at Google Play.

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