Finally there’s a series of updates to GeOrg in the works. For starters, this bugfix adresses some of the most important issues with the current version:

  • Support for new waypoint-types “physical/virtual stage”. Future new waypoint-types can be imported even GeOrg doesn’t recognize the type.
  • Fixed “Navigation with Google Navigation”. Downside: Target name is not displayed within Google Navigation anymore.
  • Some fixes to make gps-information more consistent. (no annoying “activating/active”-flickering anymore)
  • Spoilers are now clickable and will open in 3rd-party tools for zooming and image-manipulation.
  • Fixed long description in cache-details from being sized to large.
  • Fixed long clicks in lists from triggering the short-click-function as well.
  • Support for Giga Event and Groundspeak Block Party waypoint types.

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