Just a small update that will stop GeOrg from offering to open certain URLs and improve memory management for spoilers


Finally there’s a series of updates to GeOrg in the works. For starters, this bugfix adresses some of the most important issues with the current version:

  • Support for new waypoint-types “physical/virtual stage”. Future new waypoint-types can be imported even GeOrg doesn’t recognize the type.
  • Fixed “Navigation with Google Navigation”. Downside: Target name is not displayed within Google Navigation anymore.
  • Some fixes to make gps-information more consistent. (no annoying “activating/active”-flickering anymore)
  • Spoilers are now clickable and will open in 3rd-party tools for zooming and image-manipulation.
  • Fixed long description in cache-details from being sized to large.
  • Fixed long clicks in lists from triggering the short-click-function as well.
  • Support for Giga Event and Groundspeak Block Party waypoint types.


Just a small update fixing display of Mapsforge-maps without themes.


Following the last release, here’s an update mainly providing some necessary bugfixes:

  • Support for Mapsforge-Themes. Online-Documentation is still on my ToDo-List.
  • Faster GPS-shutdown when GeOrg gets backgrounded
  • Bugfix when trying to open cache online
  • Crashfix when doing car-navigation
  • A lot more bugfixes. Read more

I’m not quite done fixing all the stuff that you people report, so expect at least one more bugfix-release.


It has taken nearly a year for a new version of GeOrg. Sorry I left you waiting so long. Hopefully the next update is coming up quicker. This is what’s in the new release:

  • Support for Mapsforge-Maps. This is pretty straight forward to use. Expect a short tutorial here on the site soon, though. Warning: Larger maps might lead to OutOfMemory-problems on older devices (e.g. full germany map on HTC Desire)
  • Cache-Page remembers last fontsize set
  • Automatically determining name for offlinemap
  • Reworked Location-Code to be more consistent and avoid error with android 4.1.2
  • Reworked attachment-import, hopefully finally fixed now
  • When routing-calculation fails, don’t automatically switch to offroad, but ask the user instead
  • Tons of bugfixes. Read more

I’m currently working on a new connector-sample. In the meantime – there is a 3rd-party connector using the official GC-API available at Google Play.

GeOrg version

I just uploaded a new version of GeOrg to fix some serious issues that a few of you reported. Some features also crept in ^^

  • The state (scrollposition, content shown) of the last 5 listings you viewed is now remembered by GeOrg and restored when you next open these caches.
  • Support for new Groundspeak attributes
  • The theme is displayed correctly at the settings pages on devices from all manufacturers.
  • Fixed problems related to Android 4.0 and related to the GPS-implementation of some of the newer phones
  • Fixed a problem with automatic Day/Night-Theme-change.
  • Fixes for german translation

Next on the list is the broken connector-sample as well as the official Groundspeak API. Stay tuned.

Connector sample updated to 1.0.9

Updated the connector sample to version 1.0.9. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug related to Android 4.0 and HTTPS-Requests.

There are some more bugs occuring with some of the newer devices and android-versions. An update for GeOrg is on its way.

Happy caching! 🙂

Connector sample updated to 1.0.7

The connector sample is now at version 1.0.7. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with spoiler-handling.
  • Fixed a bug concerning userdata.

Many of you have contacted me asking if GeOrg will continued to be maintained. It has been a pretty busy time for me lately and I couldn’t put as much effort into GeOrg as I would have liked to. Of course, development on GeOrg will continue. Please be patient if some updates take a bit longer.

Happy caching! 🙂

Connector sample updated to 1.0.6

The connector sample is now at version 1.0.6. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with some URLs …

Happy caching! 🙂

GeOrg version

Another bugfix for some devices that would not display the settings-theme correct and for an annoying bug that would prevent GeOrg from starting up.

Happy caching!

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