GeOrg version 1.1.4

We’re finally ready to release version 1.1.4. Before we go into details, a short but important reminder : We will release version 1.1.5 the next weekend. That version will have copy protection disabled. Why might that be important for you? Read on:

There’s a bug in Android that might affect some devices (rumor has it that only some 1.5-devices are affected, but we were not able to find confirmation for that). On these devices deactivation of the copy protection for an application can lead to crashes when starting that application. The only workaround is to uninstall the application and reinstall it fresh from the market.

Our advice: Before updating to 1.1.5 save your data to your external storage (MainPage -> Menu -> CacheDB Actions -> Export to external) with the new external-storage-features in 1.1.4. That way, even if you have to reinstall GeOrg, your CacheDBs and Waypoints are kept on your SDCard.

Since 1.1.4 is just a minor release, it’s mostly about fixing bugs, small features and performance tweaks. The most notable features are:

  • Database optimizations
    We have optimized the database for speed and scalability. GeOrg 1.1.4 will convert your existing databases (given enough free space in internal memory) when it first starts. Also you will notice a short preload-window whenever you start GeOrg with lots of caches in a CacheDB. We tested the application with up to 2000 caches per CacheDB.
  • With 1.1.4 you can now decide to keep all your data in your internal or external (SDCard) memory. That way you can save space in your internal memory or just backup your data on your SDCard. The documentation will be updated soon.
  • The MapPage has a small lock displayed in it’s top left corner. This shows whether you have locked the map to your current position. If you haven’t, touching the lock activates “Lock to current position” – like from the menu.
  • You can now opt to import GPX-files even if they contain errors. Also there’s support for the Australian GPX-format (GCTour,
  • You can now opt to show the current GCVote on the CacheDetailsPage (change this via the network settings). Clicking on GCVote-stars shows details about the votes.
  • We included some more waypoint-icons in preparation for the additional waypoints in 1.2.0.
  • There are several bugfixes for devices with small screen-size like the HTC Tattoo
  • … and a lot of smaller bugs were also fixed. All the details are listed in the Changelog.

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