GeOrg version

Just another small bugfix-update for two crashes you reported via mail and one that I found when implementing the new SunMoon-Solver for 1.1.7. Seems like nobody has ever tried to create a waypoint north or south of the 60th parallel. Only traditional caches there? 😉

The fixes are listed in the changelog.

Happy caching! 🙂

GeOrg version

Some of you have reported crashes which should be fixed with this small update. Also, GCVote is working again. The fixes are listed in the changelog.

Happy caching! 🙂

GeOrg version

There’s another small bugfix for the latest GeOrg release. It fixes:

  • A crash when returning to list-activites like CacheDB or WaypointDB
  • A crash when trying to import empty routes
  • A crash when a wrong cachetype was returned by the

Thanks to all, who sent in crashreports – this really helps to resolve matters quickly!

Georg version

We’ve had reports of people not being able to migrate their database from to 1.1.6. While we are not able to reproduce the problem here, yet – we have an update ready that should stop the error from occuring.

GeOrg – released

We have published our connector for the german geocaching-website on the Android Market. If you are geocaching in germany you might want to install it to get live-access to the from within the MapPage and the FindNearestPage.

GeOrg version 1.1.6

There’s a new version of GeOrg available in the market. It has several new features and bugfixes, all of which are listed in the Changelog. For the next release, we plan to complete support for additional waypoints by letting you edit/add/delete waypoints to caches.

Here’s an overview with the most important changes in the new release:

  • Additional waypoints
    Additional waypoints are shown on the map, if you select a cache that has any. To keep the display from becoming to cluttered, waypoints are only displayed for one selected cache at a time and the cache you are navigating to right now.
  • Clipboard support
    You can now select and copy parts of the cache-description to the clipboard.
  • Comment caches
    Ability to add comments to caches. For example, you could save information about multi-stages or just make a note about the condition of the cache. (These notes are currently available offline only. Support for field-notes is planned, though.)
  • Solvers
    Solve riddles with the new GeOrg-Solvers. This is a growing list of small tools that help you solve common geocaching-problems. This initial release features Caesar-decryption (can also decypher geocaching hints), roman numbers, vanity numbers and morse-code.
  • Improved visualisation of signal-quality
    The quality of your currently determined position is now signalled with easy to recognize colors in the MainPage, CompassPage and MapPage.
  • Quick jump to cache
    Clicking on the name of your current navigation-target in the Compass- or MapPage takes you to the corresponding cache or waypoint.
  • Multi-select on map
    If there are several waypoints/caches next to each other on the map, clicking on the cluster lets you now select your target from a list.
  • Static routes
    With this version you can import routes from GPX in the new RoutesPage. You can display these routes on the map. Also, you can save calculated can-navigation routes as static routes for later use. (Currently the distance to your destination is not displayed when using static routes).
  • Mark caches as DNF
  • More import-options
    You can now import Waypoints directly to the waypoint-list and GPX-routes from within the RoutesPage. You can opt to import all GPX-files in a given directory to your CacheDB at once and last but not least there are new import settings like “Keep Found-state for existing caches” or “Delete caches that have not been updated by GPX for a configurable amount of days”
  • Health-Check
    GeOrg can now identify corrupt CacheDBs and fix them

Happy geocaching with the new version. If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact us!

GeOrg 1.1.6 is beta / Documentation

Just wanted to tell you that we are done with implementing 1.1.6 and now starting to test the new version. There are several changes, both visible and under the hood, so this might take a few days. We began testing by taking GeOrg out for a few caches yesterday (our first night-cache this year, due to the large amounts of snow we have this winter).

Thanks to everyone, who sent in ideas and bugreports, a lot of what’s new in 1.1.6 is based on your feedback!

As always the ChangeLog is up to date with all the changes in 1.1.6. Also, the documentation for the internal/external-storage-feature is now online.

GeOrg version

Just a small bugfix for an incompatibility with the GCVote-service that occurred since yesterday whenever you open the DetailPage for cache and had GCVote enabled in your network settings.

The code was secured, is compatible with the GCVote-service again and the annoying “Can’t connect to GCVote”-Toast was replaced by an icon.

GeOrg version 1.1.5

As promised, here is the unprotected version of GeOrg to download from the market on all those routed and unbranded phones. Please backup your data before the update. Here’s (for one last time) why:

There’s a bug in Android that might affect some devices (rumor has it that only some 1.5-devices are affected, but we were not able to find confirmation for that). On these devices deactivation of the copy protection for an application can lead to crashes when starting that application. The only workaround is to uninstall the application and reinstall it fresh from the market.

Our advice: Before updating to 1.1.5 save your data to your external storage (MainPage -> Menu -> CacheDB Actions -> Export to external) with the new external-storage-features in 1.1.4. That way, even if you have to reinstall GeOrg, your CacheDBs and Waypoints are kept on your SDCard.

Other stuff included in this release:

  • You can now export your Waypoints to GPX on your SD-Card. Import feature coming up next 🙂
  • GeOrg reads additional waypoints now and displays them on the CacheDetailsPage. Expect more waypoint-features in 1.2.0
  • Custom Maps are now faster and use less internal memory. Also you can delete your tilecache now from the SettingsPage.
  • Fixed the tile-flickering-issue on high-density devices
  • … and again some smaller bugs were fixed. As usual – all details are listed in the Changelog.

GeOrg version

Version 1.1.4 did contain some bugs, fixed with version

  • Bug in the database-migration code that would affect installations with more than one CacheDB
  • Bug when switching between internal and external storage
  • In some situations the compass would behave erratically
  • The state of the filter on the MapPage was not persisted
  • Crashes when deleting CacheDBs.

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