GeOrg version 1.1.4

We’re finally ready to release version 1.1.4. Before we go into details, a short but important reminder : We will release version 1.1.5 the next weekend. That version will have copy protection disabled. Why might that be important for you? Read on:

There’s a bug in Android that might affect some devices (rumor has it that only some 1.5-devices are affected, but we were not able to find confirmation for that). On these devices deactivation of the copy protection for an application can lead to crashes when starting that application. The only workaround is to uninstall the application and reinstall it fresh from the market.

Our advice: Before updating to 1.1.5 save your data to your external storage (MainPage -> Menu -> CacheDB Actions -> Export to external) with the new external-storage-features in 1.1.4. That way, even if you have to reinstall GeOrg, your CacheDBs and Waypoints are kept on your SDCard.

Since 1.1.4 is just a minor release, it’s mostly about fixing bugs, small features and performance tweaks. The most notable features are:

  • Database optimizations
    We have optimized the database for speed and scalability. GeOrg 1.1.4 will convert your existing databases (given enough free space in internal memory) when it first starts. Also you will notice a short preload-window whenever you start GeOrg with lots of caches in a CacheDB. We tested the application with up to 2000 caches per CacheDB.
  • With 1.1.4 you can now decide to keep all your data in your internal or external (SDCard) memory. That way you can save space in your internal memory or just backup your data on your SDCard. The documentation will be updated soon.
  • The MapPage has a small lock displayed in it’s top left corner. This shows whether you have locked the map to your current position. If you haven’t, touching the lock activates “Lock to current position” – like from the menu.
  • You can now opt to import GPX-files even if they contain errors. Also there’s support for the Australian GPX-format (GCTour,
  • You can now opt to show the current GCVote on the CacheDetailsPage (change this via the network settings). Clicking on GCVote-stars shows details about the votes.
  • We included some more waypoint-icons in preparation for the additional waypoints in 1.2.0.
  • There are several bugfixes for devices with small screen-size like the HTC Tattoo
  • … and a lot of smaller bugs were also fixed. All the details are listed in the Changelog.

Market Misery – The Plan

As I wrote earlier this month, we have some problems with GeOrg’s availability in the market due to GeOrg being a copyright protected application. Also there’s still this ominous bug on some devices that can’t cope with applications losing their protected status. This is how we’ll fix this:

With the next release of GeOrg (1.1.4) you will have the option to migrate your CacheDBs to your SDCard (and also to use them from your SDCard). When version 1.1.4 is out, we will wait a few days and then deactivate the copy protection together with version 1.1.5.

Now we recommend saving your data to your SDCard in version 1.1.4 before updating to 1.1.5, because if you run into the copy protection bug, you will have to uninstall and reinstall GeOrg. Trust us, we are very unhappy with this option, but currently there’s no other way to switch off the protection.

Who will run into this bug? There’s no certainty but reports seem to indicate that mainly devices with Android 1.5 seem to be affected.

What do you get when GeOrg is longer copy protected? If you are already using GeOrg, nothing will change. But if you own GeOrg and want to root your device or plan to buy a newer device that Google doesn’t happen to support in the Market (like a lot of german Milestones currently) you will be able to re-download the application in the Market, something you currently can’t.

And – last but not least – a lot of people who currently can’t get GeOrg because they own the wrong (read: not Google-Market-supported) or a rooted device, can get the application at last.

GeOrg version 1.1.3

We just fixed a bug before breakfast. The “Find Nearest”-option for looking up geocaches on was not working correctly for 75% of the world … 🙁

… now it does 🙂

GeOrg version 1.1.2

This release fixes a lot of bugs that were sent to us in the last few days. Especially the map should now be much faster and more stable. A few little features also crept in ;-). See the changelog for details.

Like always: if you encounter any problems or crashes, please don’t hesitate to send them to us.

GeOrg – Droid compatibility

With the availability of the new Droid devices in the USA, we were made aware of an incompatibility between GeOrg and Android 2.0, which didn’t show up in our tests with the 2.0 emulator. Sadly the sourcecode of Android 2.0 still isn’t released, the Eclair-Branch is not yet visible.

We did however find the javadoc and – with the Eclair libs existing in the emulator in compiled form – were able to deduce a fix. This was our first experience with the Dedexer. It helped us a great deal!

If you’re having problems with GeOrg on a newly bought Droid device – just upgrade to version 1.1.1!

GeOrg 1.1.0: Offline Maps

Now that GeOrg 1.1.0 is out, we are upgrading our documentation. We just finished the documentation for Offline Maps – a new feature that allows you to take your maps to places without network availability. Give it a try!

GeOrg 1.1.0 released!

We just released the latest version of GeOrg!

It’s now available via Android Market and contains a lot of features that people have asked for. The documentation will be upgraded within the next few days to highlight and explain some of the new features and there’s also a changelog-page coming up. Until then there’s a rough sketch of changes listed here. If you encounter any bugs, please feel free to contact us

Happy geocaching 🙂

On our way to GeOrg v1.1.0

Today finally Donut arrived on our G1 and we just did some tests to check everything is allright. If you have any problems, as always: feel free to contact us.

One word of warning, though:
Donut resets all your CacheDBs, Waypoints and Settings. So if you are on the verge of a geocaching hike, you better have the GPXs prepared or postpone the update.

Other than that we are hard at work here at ranitos to bring you the new version of GeOrg. We’ve had a lot of feedback during the last days and we thank you all for your ideas, opinions and even a complete review, wow! 🙂

While we are crushing the last bugs, throwing in the last features and than move on to beta-test we’d like to share our current changelist for 1.1.0 for you to shorten the time 🙂


  • Offline Maps (Tilepacks)
  • Waypoint averaging (experimental)
  • Waypoint projection
  • Street navigation
  • Terrain map (experimental)
  • Find Nearest without connector takes the poor man’s approach to things (opens in browser, clicking on a Google Maps-url inserts data into GeOrg)
  • Highlight geocaches containing travellers in CacheDB-List
  • CacheDB and WaypointDB now remember the last scroll-position and return you there
  • CacheDB is now automatically resorted if sorted by distance and you change position (configurable)
  • First filter (more to come): Filter Founds/Not founds
  • Mark Cache as Found from the CacheDetails-Page
  • Slightly pimped compass
  • Import Zips from SDCard
  • Import Multi-GPX Zips
  • Report after import
  • CacheDetails shows inactive headers so you can see at once that the cache doesn’t have hints, travellers or spoilers


  • Removed some database-leaks
  • Low-Memory warnings
  • Slightly changed behaviour of the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed problem where travellers where incorrectly displayed in wrong caches
  • Travellers date is now date of GPX, not time of import
  • Layoutproblems in the Find Nearest page
  • Fixed a problem where whitespace was incorrectly removed from cache descriptions
  • Import now isn’t impacted by the screen-saver or pressing Home anymore
  • Reserved SQLite-Names are not allowed as CacheDB-names anymore

GeOrg Bugfix 1.0.3

This version fixes a bug with the sample connector released yesterday. If you got the “Error in connector”-Message or a crash after leaving the Find-Nearby-Page this version is for you.

Just released bugfix-version 1.0.2

Thanks to two users who sent in crashreports from within GeOrg we were able to nail down a bug that crept into version 1.0.1. (Btw, it was the first time the crashreport-feature was used in production, those stacktraces are really helpful)

Now the GPX-Import from mail attachments should be working again. I hope we haven’t caused any inconveniences.

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